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Welcome to the articles. This is where I'll write about decisions and ideas that affect the books and this site. So expect posts on news about my stories, what's coming up and new releases.

The case of the mystery gardener

The Roboteers investigate a strange case of a gardener who improves other people’s gardens overnight. Is it the good deed that it seems though?

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Kindle books all 99p

With immediate effect all my ebooks are available for 99p (or your local equivalent) from the Amazon store.

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The case of the dog that didn’t chew

Photo of a small, brown dog

The Roboteers – a kids detective team – solve a case about a dog that doesn’t chew but there are chew marks everywhere. Free short story for children

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Audio version of my short story

A book with headphones attached

My short story Waiting at the bus stop is now available in audio format [listen to it here]. The lovely people at have included my short story as an episode in their Story Time series. First published in 2013, the story is about three school children discussing their favourite super powers – with a […]

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Short story: RTA

Photo of bicycle with basket

She’s been in a road accident but something’s not quite right. Sci-fi YA and Adult short story – creative commons – this first apppeared in The Londonist in 2014

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The case of the possessed computer

cartoon of a computer with a ghost in it

The Roboteers latest client is convinced his computer is possessed because it keeps controlling itself! It’s up to the gang to solve the spooky mystery before their client loses the plot!

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More great free kids books

FreeKidsBooks logo

One of the nice things about being an author who publishes free kids books under Creative Commons is that people can copy and share your work all over the place – often without you knowing. I understand that for some of you that might not seem like a good thing but the point of doing […]

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Great news – Winner of the Wishing Shelf Awards!

A troll

My second novel – Do Not Feed The Troll! – is a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards. I’m especially proud of this because, unlike others, these awards are judged by the target audience

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WIN a free children’s book – signed by the author

¬†UPDATE 24 July 2015: The giveaway has now finished. Congratulations to the the two winners, your signed copies will be on their way to you shortly! Watch this blog for more giveaways, competitions and new releases. Fancy a free children’s book? Well look no further. To celebrate the two year anniversary of its publication and […]

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Though we are many – science fiction short story

When long term space flight started to become a necessity it was clear the aging of the crew would need dealing with. Cryogenics was still in its early stages…The solution, as is often the case, had come from a most unexpected source: cloning.

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