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Some of my books will not be available as paperbacks. This is because they are a bit short so they are here as short-stories. I am making them available as ebooks in various formats for free here as well as on Kindle which you can buy through the kindle store (I have to charge for that because Amazon charge me to make my books available via whispernet – which is the delivery service Amazon use to send the book to your kindle device or app).

These are my short-stories and ebooks

Face to face with the gorilla king cover Face to face with the gorilla king – a boy is transported to another world populated by speaking animals

Waiting at the bus stop cover Waiting at the bus stop – three children discuss their favourite superpower but there’s more than meets the eye here

Photo of the Pando in Utah Though we are many – in deep space, clones are used as space crew. But what happens when they develop a fault?

Photo of bicycle with basket RTA (road traffic accident) – there’s been a road accident, but who is the victim

Face to face with the gorilla king

Short story aimed at ages 9 to 90.A young boy on a family zoo trip suddenly finds himself whisked to another world where talking animals expect him to win a battle that will determine the future of their world!

Kindle -99p
Read this on Kindle – 99p
Smashwords – Pay what you feel
The lovely people at Smashwords allow me to set a pay-what-you-feel pricepoint so (once it’s propagated) you’ll be able to get it on iTunes, Kobo et al at a price you feel is appropriate. You can search for it on your regualr ebook store or get direct through Smashwords. Buy from Smashwords
Read on this website – free creative commons
Originally published in instalments. Read now
PDF (153Kib) – free creative commons
Formatted text. Includes images and covers. Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular). Download
Open document format (54KiB)  – free creative commons
Formatted text. Suitable for word processing software (such as libreoffice ) a plugin may be required for some wordprocessors (such as MS Word) Download

Other versions to follow.

Other short stories

Some of my short stories are only available via the website – because they too short to publish on their own. A list of those follows:-

Photo of the Pando in UtahThough we are many – ages 9 – 12

“Are we alone?” she wondered aloud.  “Not entirely.” came the reply.  A short story for older readers about a young woman on a long-distance space journey who gets a rather unusual message from home.

Waiting at the bus stop – ages 7 – 9

“What superpower would you most like to have?”  – three children discuss this with surprising results. Also available as an audio-resource

Photo of bicycle with basket RTA – ages 13 and up

This is a short story I had published in The Londonist a few years ago. It deals with a road accident so it’s probably more suited to older readers.

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