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If you’ve read our first book Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth, you may have seen the cool drawings in it. If you haven’t or if you’ve read a version without images you can see the drawings in the book’s gallery.

A photo of a cloud in an unusual shape

Photo by Jan Tik CC:By

All the drawings in this book are done by my children who are also the exact age of the target audience. This should come as no surprise as I wrote the story for them. From the outset this story has been a collaborative affair. Whilst I’ve written the words the whole family have added thoughts and ideas as to where the story should go.

When it came to illustrating the book I was going to do it myself (I am a cartoonist) but I realised if I did that there would instantly be a definitive version of what Sugar, Tim and the rest of the characters looked like. There would also be a de-facto version of how the scenes should look.

This is not what I wanted. What I love about stories is how the way i picture it is different to how another reader will picture it. This is often what causes the problem when book are turned into films. The director films their interpretation of the story and often this does not tally with how we readers had it pictured in our heads. So I want to say right here and now: there is no definitive or right way to picture Sugar. Yes I have an idea in my head of how he looks but I’m not going to claim that’s the “right” one. It’s just the way I picture him. You may and probably will picture him differently.

So the drawings in the book are deliberately not inconsistent. They were drawn by two people but even within that there is a difference in the way the characters and situations look. I like that and I really want to know how you picture things and characters in this book.


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