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A drawing of Sugar the robot

Sugar the Robot

The day has arrived! The book is officially launched

The book is now available to download, read and to buy. As of now you can get your copy of the first Crimperbook: Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth. Follow that link and you will find free ebooks to download and share and you can also buy a paperback version (Kindle version to follow soon).

Right now the paperback is available at our eShop. Soon it will be available on Amazon too but if you buy from our eShop and use the discount code P3A9AFDU you will get a 20% discount – valid until 31 August 2013. The Kindle version will also have a discount until 31 August 2013 when it becomes available. Buying a paperback through Amazon will not be discounted.

So there you are! The first Crimperbook is now available:

  • Download it
  • Buy it from our eShop (with discount)
  • Buy it from Amazon
  • Buy it on Kindle (with discount)
  • Share it

Unfortunately the eShop handles transactions only in US Dollars. Your credit card/bank will convert this at their own rate at the time of purchase. I’m afraid I can’t control that but the discount will be applied regardless. In addition the eShop passes a greater percentage back to me and while I’m not in this for money, every little helps (as a dodgy supermarket says).

Spreading the word

Thanks for showing an interest in this project and the book. I have to say I am pretty excited about this project coming to this stage. Can I ask that you let others know about it too? There are precious few children’s books available under Creative Commons and the ones I have seen are almost all of the picture book variety rather than fiction for children to read themselves.

You can share news of the project using the links below.

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