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Image of the bookFollowing the successful release of my first book (thanks to all who have downloaded or bought it) I am pleased to announce the next one. Currently in production it is again aimed at 6 to 10 year olds and is packed with laughs and action.  It is about a family who discover a troll living under the back garden of their new house. They find the troll when they start digging the garden ready for a new shed and despite appearing all cute and fluffy, it soon causes them all sorts of bother. If only they had paid attention to the sign they found with it:


“Do not feed the troll!” (for that is the title of the book too) will of course be available as a free ebook download under Creative Commons licence and to buy as a paperback and on Kindle. Watch out for more details as they appear here.

Some of you will recall I recently announced the title of the second Sugar the Robot book – “Sugar the Robot and the stalking pigeons”.  That book is still in early stages and will probably be released after Do not feed the troll! Exciting times ahead for Crimperbooks.

More information about this forthcoming book

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