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A book with headphones attached

Listening to audio books is a great way to introduce younger children to stories.

My short story Waiting at the bus stop is now available in audio format [listen to it here]. The lovely people at have included my short story as an episode in their Story Time series.

First published in 2013, the story is about three school children discussing their favourite super powers – with a great twist at the end. The version is beautifully read by Chanel Tsang, can be found on iTunes and is available to download from the link above. It’s also published under Creative Commons BY:SA which demonstrates how Copyleft in creative works can benefit so many. That said, it’s a brave step from them to publish this recording under a CC licence (their other stories are not published under CC – bu they are free of charge) but I’m really happy they did and did such a great job.

Please check out their website and podcasts and if you like their stuff – which is a great collection of short storied suitable for bedtime, car journeys etc. – then you can tip them too. Of course if you wanted to tip me for the original story you can do so as well.

Update: This turned out to be one of the popular stories on Story Time – it had 5500 downloads in 60 days on Apple devices alone. Thanks all for your support and I hope you enjoy the story.

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