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Smashwords is a popular eBook publishing platform. It allows self-publishing authors to distribute their eBooks to popular devices such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook and WHSmith’s Kobo to name but two. As of today my books are now available through Smashwords which means if you own an eReader device other than a Kindle you will soon be able to get my books on your device as well. In the mean you can buy it through Smashwords direct.

Of course the full eBooks will always be available on here under Creative Commons as ever but this allows me to enable users of ereader devices to get my books through their usual distribution services without a lot of fuss if they prefer.

In other news: my first book is also available on Google books. I’d love to say that means it will be available on Google Play soon but alas their interface is far from helpful and I am stuck , on top of a pylon, with a remote control dragonfly trying to knock me off. Well that’s how it feels anyway (that’s a reference to Sugar the Robot if you didn’t get it).

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