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As you probably know Crimperbooks is about more than just selling, it’s about stories and about sharing. From the outset you have been allowed to download ebooks for free under a Creative Commons licence on this site (well my ebooks anyway). That means you are allowed and encouraged to download them and pass them around. Yes for some formats (like paperback, Kindle and iTunes) you have to pay for the book but that is mostly to cover my costs and because I get charged for offering them in that way.

Since May 2014 I have been counting downloads of my ebooks from this site and I’m quite pleased by the results (These are correct as of 21:00 25 Jan 2015).

Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth
(since 21 May 2014)
156 206 264 149 128 903
Do not feed the Troll
(since 1 Aug 2014)
92 85 100 79 69 425
Total 248 291 364 228 197 1328

Now I know that’s not exactly flying off the site but for a self-publicised (e.g. not at all) project I think that’s pretty good and I’d like to thank you all for downloading (and buying if you did that too).

Download ebooks for free and pass them on!

What is also interesting is that each of those downloads has a potential reach of far greater than just one person. The Creative Commons licence deliberately permits and encourages each download to be passed around and shared so for each download I have no way of knowing how many people have read the book. While that might sound a little weird in our connected, finger-on-the-pulse world it’s not that much different to physical books if you think about it. Ever book a paperback and then let someone else read it? The author/publisher has no knowledge of that but – for the author at any rate – just having people read their stuff is brilliant!

You can download either book in various formats by clicking the links above.

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