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If you buy the paperback you'll be able to get the kindle version for free. I like the idea of giving stuff away. It’s one reason why I’m happy to release eBook editions under a Creative Commons licence. I say the eBook editions but what I really mean is all-of-the-eBooks-except-Kindle. I am unable to set a price of zero for the Kindle edition so I set it as low as I can get away with*. However it seems Amazon may just be starting to do something which will help people get my book on Kindle for nothing.

Free Kindle book

Kindle Matchbook is not – as I first thought – a microsized Kindle device but an offer that means buyers of the paperback through Amazon will be offered the Kindle edition for free (You can set a number of prices – I went for free). I am informed that if you have purchased the paperback already you may still get a chance to pick up the Kindle edition for free afterwards. I’ve signed up my first (and at present only) book for this system so from october you should find it comes into action.

For more information see Amazon’s info page.

* I know I can distribute my own Kindle file for free from here but that negates one of the major reasons people seem to have Kindles for – ease of installation of a book.

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