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Love books – CC:By Billy Rowlinson on Flickr

February 14th. Valentines day. The day when we are supposed to celebrate our love and loves. By why do we only celebrate our love for a significant other? Why not celebrate our loves in other parts of our lives?

It seems I’m not alone in asking this and February 14th is also designated “International Book Giving Day“. The idea is that you give a book to a child  (or more than one). It could be a book you no longer need, it could be a book your own children have outgrown. You could even donate a book to a class or library and in that way give books to many children. So go to the website and celebrate love of books and of people by giving a book or February 14th.

Cover of Sugar the Robot and the race to save the earth

Give a book like this on Feb 14th

If you are stuck for a book to give, may I humbly suggest one of mine. I shall (if they want them) donate books to my children’s school and  to my local library. Could you do the same? Do you know of a school or library that needs great books? It doesn’t have to be one of mine (although obviously I’d love it if you do) but why not ask the library or school if they would like a new book or two? If you are a school or library and would like a book, let me know and I’ll add you to this page so people can donate to you (as much as I’d love to, I can’t afford to send a free paperback to all of you).

But instead of just doing the usual flowers, chocolates, cards and restaurant, why not invest in something where the price hasn’t been artificially hiked for the day – people..and books.



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