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One of the nice things about being an author who publishes free kids books under Creative Commons is that people can copy and share your work all over the place – often without you knowing. I understand that for some of you that might not seem like a good thing but the point of doing all this for me is not sales but letting people, especially children, read good quality, stories and – importantly – share them. FreeKidsBooks logo

With that in mind I recently found out that the excellent has started to feature my books. Suddenly I found reviews I didn’t know about and comments I hadn’t heard.

Great reviews

FreeKidsBooks have been very kind with their own summaries such as:-

Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earthis a wonderful early science fiction book.

This hilarious early chapter book is perfect for reading to children as a to be continued bedtime story over a period of time, or reading by older children who are fluent readers.

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Do Not Feed The Troll is a hilarious, and award winning middle grade fiction story about a troll. This is a great early chapter book for boys and girls. It also makes perfect for reading as a to be continued bedtime story with younger children, excitement that will have them begging to go to bed!

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Great comments

Comments on the site are equally nice to read, such as :-

I love this book I am a 10 yrs old boy and too have a lot of interest in robotics in school I am the robotics monitor as I have done many assignments and submitted it at the earliest

Soo good keep it up! Best book I’ve ever read!

I’m just blown away by things like this. Yes sales may pay the bills but knowing there are people out there I’ve never met, who like my writing enough to a) say so on a website and b) share it with others is another thing entirely.

Get over to FreeKidsBooks and find some more great er free kids books!

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