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Announcing a brand new children’s book series under Creative Commons – the Roboteers!

Readers of my first book, Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth, will know that the Roboteers is the club that Tim and Priya make up to share their interest in robots and robotics. Now the Roboteers are coming back!

Roboteers logo

When I started writing my second book (soon to be released) Do not feed the troll I had originally intended for it to be entirely separate to the first. new characters, different places etc. But as the story unfolded I realised that Tim, Priya and indeed Sugar the Robot could play a key part in it. So while the story is not a direct sequel it does feature the Roboteers and tells you what they did next.

With this in mind I started having other ideas for stories about these friends and the amazing robot called Sugar. So I have decided to create a series of books called the Roboteers series. Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth is not book one of that series and Do not feed the troll will be book two. I’m not saying every book I write will be in this series, at least one I have on the go right now is nowhere near the same kind of story, but I will write more books about the adventures of this group of friends who get involved in all kinds of adventures. Expect robots, aliens and planet-threatening scenarios all with the laughs and action of the story that started it all.

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