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A pupil with booksYou’d think it would be easy wouldn’t you? Make a free book available to download and add in freedom to copy and distribute it as much as you want – you should have people flocking to your door? Except as with everything it’s not that simple.

Firstly the web is huge, no it’s bigger than that but you get the point. In among the myriad of websites there will be a myriad of sites about children’s books, most of them selling you them or making a download for free but not allowing you the freedom that comes with Creative Commons. Finding this one site among all of those is highly unlikely and thus the visitor stats to this site are pretty slow off the mark.

This doesn’t bother me that much because a) I didn’t set out to make this a huge success, it’s a project which has never been about the numbers game really and b) I’m not losing anything if people don’t come. However I do think the principle of Creative Commons is important and I know from my own searching that finding Creative Commons licenced fiction aimed at the age group my book is aimed at (6 to 10 year olds) is difficult if nigh on impossible. For that reason I want to get word out there, so people know there is at least one book available (with more to come). I also want to get the word out to encourage others to write and create stories of their own.

I’m not looking to make my fortune or start a movement here. I’m trying to encourage others to join one which already exists (the Creative Commons and free culture movement). I’d love my kids to grow up into a world where culture is freed from restrictive, draconian bullying; where we are encouraged to share ebooks in the same way we used to be encouraged to share physical ones; where copying is no longer associated with crime and where culture is allowed to grow and flourish again.

So here’s where you come in. Can you let as many people as possible know about this project and this book. Tweet, facebook, email or good old fashioned word of mouth will do. If you know of any sites which list children’s books (not just their own ones) – whether free or not – can you let me know? And finally if you – or your children – have read the book and you have a blog would you consider writing a review of it? I’m hoping you like it but even if not a review would let me know what to do better next time.

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