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If you want to read my books on a Kindle device you have a couple of options:-

Get all my ebooks cheaper than before
  • Create and load them onto your Kindle for free from one of my free download options
    tricky to do if you don’t know how to do it
  • Download the PDFs and read those on your Kindle
    only available on Kindle Fire tablets or mobile devices with Kindle app
  • Buy my ebooks via the Amazon website
    Less hassle but costs money

I am aware that at this time getting hold of great stories for children is important and doing so at as little cost as possible, even more so.

So, with immediate effect all my ebooks are available for 99p (or your local equivalent) from the Amazon store. By the way 99p is the minimum I can charge on Amazon because I refuse to offer them exclusivity – that way I can offer them free of charge and with sharing allowed from this and other websites.

Of course, you can still read, share and download them from this very website as well but if you want to just get it quick and delivered to your Kindle, it will now cost you less.


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