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A troll

What would you do if you had one of these in your garden?

I thought it might be useful to post an update on where I am with my next book – Do Not Feed The Troll. The text has mostly been written and I am currently editing it. Sometimes this will involve rewriting a paragraph and sometimes it’s just correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. At the same time I have commissioned my illustrators (aka my children) to draw me some illustrations for this book. They did such a fantastic job on Sugar the robot and the race to save the Earth that I just had to get some for this book too.

I’m not sure exactly when the book will be available but I’m hoping it will be before the summer. The book will of course be available to download as a free ebook as well as to buy in paperback and kindle formats. You can keep up with the latest info in a number of ways. And you can read a sample chapter now.

So what else can I tell you? Hmm how about a few sneaky plot spoilers?

Look away now if you’d rather have the surprise.

  • The story is about Martin, a boy around the same ag as Tim and Priya from my first book.
  • Martin’s family (consisting of him, his older sister Angie and his Dad) have just moved house and find a strange creature under a trapdoor hidden beneath their back garden.
  • The troll causes some havoc in their house and garden and invites some of its friends along!
  • Martin – at his wits end – confides (sort of) in some new friends at school.
  • These friends turn out to be more helpful than he could imagine.
  • His new friends might also seem a bit familiar..????

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