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bts7So that’s 2013 over with then and it’s been quite a year here at Crimperbooks. If you had said at the start of this year that I would end it with a book published and another on the way (with a third in my head for when that one is done), I might have struggled to believe you.

Yet here we are and all of the above is done. I’d like to thank all the readers, contributors, commentors, retweeters, likers and downloaders who have contributed to this project. It’s been fun but it doesn’t end here: Do not feed the troll is currently in editing phase and I hope to have it published in the first part of 2014 and “Sugar the Robot and the stalking pigeons” will follow that and promises more action and laughs for our intrepid robot friend. Watch this space as they say. In the meantime don’t forget to grab the book and pass it around or browse the gallery and maybe contribute your own. Above all – get into stories and let’s make 2014 the year of stories and sharing!

A plea

If you have downloaded or bought Sugar the Robot and want others to get involved can I be cheeky and ask that you prompt them? You can send them to this website to download it or you can add a review on Amazon. Liking the facebook page will help also. Finally if you have suggestions or drawings you want to share with the rest of us, you can do so. Crimperbooks is about stories and sharing after all.

Many thanks for your support this year. it’s been more than I could hope for.

Happy new Year!



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