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The book coverAt the end of May I promised to release my next book Do not feed the troll by the end of June. The sharp eyed among you will have noticed it is now closer to the end of July and there is still no book release. The main reason for this is that my illustrators (aka my children) were somewhat busy with their homework and, being a loving father, I decided not to nag them too much. I’d already been on their case about bedtimes and the state of their rooms anyway so further nagging on something that was supposed to be fun seemed to defeat the point. From the start this has been a project whereby I wanted to encourage my children (and others) into exploring creativity and, particularly, books.

However June ticked over into July and eventually we had to come to an agreement. I will release the book with most of the drawings by them and a few by me. I have all of their drawings and plan to finish off the others myself this week. So look out for some new announcements regarding the launch of this book real soon. In the meantime you can still read the first chapter and also don’t forget my first book Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth which is available with it’s brand new cover and Roboteers branding (including the opportunity to order a unique signed copy).


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