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bts5As you will probably know my second book (and the second in the Roboteers series): Do not feed the Troll! was published on 4th August 2014. A second book is always a little bit like the eponymous second album. You spend so long on the first, meticulously pour over the details and then launch it. This is normally when you would be able to write the second but some of your time will inevitably be taken up promoting the first so the second can suffer if you are not careful.

This is one of the reasons that the second novel got delayed. I wanted to make sure I didn’t rush it because I was distracted by promotional stuff for the first. You might be tempted to think that with a creative commons project the marketing takes a back step but it doesn’t. As a self-published author I am committed to doing all the promotional stuff myself. So now the second book is out I find myself with extra promotional work.

I’m not complaining about any of this. I took on the project and so I take on the responsibility. The reason I am telling you all this is because I hope you’ll understand why I therefore get so happy when people read my books. Sales are great but knowing people are bothering to read the stories I have written is fantastic. So I am really pleased to say that – in the 16 days since launch – Do not feed the Troll! has been downloaded over fifty times. The downloads are spread fairly evenly across the formats I offer. Add to that the fact that some generous people have bought copies and you can see why I am so happy. Fifty downloads may not seem like much but given the size of this project and the limit of my marketing budget (e.g. zero) I am really chuffed. Also with works released under a sharing licence such as CC:By-SA you cannot tell how many people will read each download. It’s fairly safe to presume that each download will be read by more than one person. It’s also fairly safe to say that not all downloads will be read at all but in balance having any readers is a reward in itself.

In addition the launch of the second book has added to the promotion of the first and I am seeing increased downloads for Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth along with some great Amazon reviews and a few sales.

So thank you all for downloading, sharing, buying, reviewing and most importantly reading my books. It makes it worthwhile!

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