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downloadAll my books will be available for you to download in a variety of eBook formats. Jump to downloads

That means with one or two clicks, you can start reading one now. Just choose your format and click it to download. You might need to right click on the link and select “Save link as” or similar in order to save it to your computer. Check your computer software or ebook reader user guide for details on which format is the most suitable and how to get the book onto your reader. The size of the file is in brackets. The larger the number the longer it will take to download.

If you are looking for eBook reader or library software I can recommend fbreader or Calibre. If there is a format missing here and you are able to convert the book to that format, let us know and we’d be glad to add it to this list.

Pass it on – give it away

Books you are encouraged to share - fancy that? Don’t forget you are allowed to not only download these files but copy them and give them away. In fact I want you to share them! Sharing and stories are what Crimperbooks is all about.


Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth

Tim is ten years old and mad about robots. He dreams of one day building his own one. When he tries to fix the robot his Grandad gave him he gets more than he bargained for!

What starts as a hobby ends in a race to stop an alien invasion and save humanity.

The first book in The Roboteers series 

The book cover

Do not feed the Troll!

When Martin’s family moved house his Dad told him things would be better: he’d have more space to make his models, his sister would have her own bookshelves so she wouldn’t use his ones and Dad would be doing all his beer brewing in the garden.

Nobody said anything about a troll under the lawn!

The second book in The Roboteers series 

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