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Date: 20/05/2015
Contact: Ryan Cartwright, info@

Local children’s author’s first novel proves a hit

“Fun adventure” written to encourage author’s children receives high praise and gains readership with innovative licensing model

Chigwell, Essex – Local children’s author Ryan Cartwright’s first novel has proven a hit with readers and received high praise from an Independent book awards.

Ryan Cartwright

Ryan Cartwright has found a story he wrote for his children is proving very popular

Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth has been described as “A fun exciting adventure for 7-9 year olds” and “a cracking yarn for kids” but was only published after the author’s children encouraged him to turn his made-up bedtime story into a “real book”.

“We had a story-telling evening and I made one up about a toy robot that comes to life and escapes from its owner. My children loved it and asked if we could turn it into a ‘real book’” says Cartwright.

Cartwright turned the story into a full book but wanted to get his children involved. “I asked them to do some illustrations for it and they jumped at the chance.” recalls the father of two “In the end it turned out to be a great decision for the book too because the illustrations are something people often mention when they read it.”

The book is about a ten year old boy, Tim, who inherits an old, broken toy robot from his grandfather that is more than it seems. The humourous adventure then becomes a race for the boy and his friend to stop the robot calling down an invasion.

The book was entered into The 2014 Wishing Shelf Awards, an independent book awards that gets the target readership of each entry to review the books rather than a professional review panel.

“Each entry gets feedback from the reviewers, even if you don’t win.” says Cartwright, “Unfortunately my book just missed out on winning my category but the feedback was really positive.”

The reviewers mentioned how much they enjoyed the adventure and humour in the book.

“Over three quarters of them said they would read another book by me. The comments from the reviewers were very encouraging.“ Cartwright said “Particularly as it came from my target audience.” The book has already been getting 4 and 5 star reviews on sites like Goodreads and Amazon.

The new cover - get a signed copy of this book.

Ryan’s children’s novel is a funny adventure story about a toy robot that comes to life

The book has received thousands of downloads since its launch and Cartwright puts some of the popularity down to his use of a Creative Commons licensing model which permits people to download and share the e-book with full permission of the author. They can also buy a paperback if they prefer.

“Creative Commons has been around for a while but I’ve not seen many children’s novels released under those licences.” says the author who sees the innovative distribution model as a way to encourage readers to share the book. “People seem to love the fact that they can download the full book and give it to their friends legally and with my full permission. In fact it’s something I encourage them to do. I know for some people, the idea of giving your work away seems like madness,” he adds, “but actually I’m finding a number of people who download it and later go on to buy a paperback. I know of one person who downloaded it and then bought three paperback copies as Christmas presents.”

Cartwright, a web-developer, has also had short stories published in magazines and added a sequel called Do not feed the Troll! about a family who move house and find a troll living beneath their back lawn. “I’m really pleased that what started as a little project to encourage my own children has become so popular.” he says, “Getting this excellent feedback from the reviewers in my target audience is just the icing on the cake.”

Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth and Do not feed the Troll! are both available from and through Cartwright’s own Crimperbooks website at


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