About Sugar the Robot

Imagine if you are ten years old and love robots. You manage to fix the old toy robot your Grandad gave you only to find it is a lot more than just a robot. Tim and his friend Priya find themselves in a race to stop an alien invasion, save humanity and somehow keep the adults out of it.

Drawing from the book Packed with excitement, laughs and illustrations by the author’s own children (who were the pilot audience and contributors to the story) this adventure story is aimed at 6 to 10 year olds.  It is available free to download in a variety of ebook and other formats under a Creative Commons licence as well a quality paperback and kindle version to buy.

How this story began

We love stories in our family, whether it is reading them, watching them or making them up. On one of the times we were making up stories I came up with one about a toy robot who fell out of a window and got stuck in some knickers. After a lot of laughing and some retelling it formed the beginning of this story.

Although I wrote the words, the way the story developed is very much a team effort as there were lots of ideas from both my children and my wife – Claire.

How do you imagine this story?

Alleyway Encounter I’ve always found that I have a clear picture in my head of what the scenes in this story look like but I soon realised that picture wasn’t always the same as the one the other family members had. So I asked the children to draw pictures of what they thought the scenes looked like. Many of the pictures in this book are those drawings. As I see it there is no right or wrong way to imagine a story but I am interested in how we imagine stories we are reading.

If you would like to draw a picture of how you imagine scenes from this story – or if you have ideas for future stories about Sugar – you can share them with others.

About the author

Ryan CartwrightRyan Cartwright is a web developer and cartoonist who loves stories. He lives in the UK with his wife, two children, nutty dog and a tyrannical cat. He has a weakness for wine gums.

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