Sugar the Robot and the Race to save the Earth – free ebook

Here is the exciting bit!

With a click below you can start reading this book now. Just choose your format and click it to download it – free. You might need to right click on the link and select “Save link as” or similar in order to save it to your computer. Check your computer software or ebook reader user guide for details on which format is the most suitable and how to get the book onto your reader. The size of the file is in brackets. The larger the number the longer it will take to download.

If you are looking for eBook reader or library software I can recommend fbreader or Calibre. If there is a format missing here and you are able to convert the book to that format, let me know and I’d be glad to add it to this list.

Enough! Give me the free ebook now!

Pass it on – give it away

Books you are encouraged to share - fancy that?While you are here why not download a copy for a friend? You are not only allowed to download these files but copy them and give them away. In fact I want you to share it. Sharing and stories are what Crimperbooks is all about. If you have a preferred format you don’t see here – and you are able – feel free to convert it and send me the file and I’ll list it here for others. If you want to know why this (and the other books here) is available as a free ebook, have a look at the sharing page.

Download your free ebook here

Okay, enough of the chatter – you probably came here for a free ebook. So without further ado … here’s the list of formats. Just pick the one you prefer and download it. Most people on a normal desktop or laptop computer will probably want a PDF, mobile devices will most likey want ePub and you can always read on right here on the website using the HTML link.

HTML web page
Formatted text and images. Can be read in your browser online right now.
Read now
Formatted text. Includes images and covers. Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular). Download (1.3Mb)
Formatted text. Requires compatible ePub reader software/Ebook reader deviceDownload (241Kb)
Formatted text. Requires compatible fb2 reader software (such as fbreader). Download (501Kb)
Formatted text. Suitable for word processing software (such as libreoffice ) a plugin may be required for some wordprocessors (such as MS Word)   Download (53Kb)
This is available from the Kindle store. Please note that in order to allow you to add the book to your Kindle in the same way you do any other book (Whispernet) I am obliged to charge you.
Buy now
Plain text
Unformatted text. No images. Can be read in the widest range of software. Download (74kb)

Bookmarks to download and make

As well as the book itself you can also download, colour and print your own Sugar the Robot bookmarks. Simply download the file that suits your printer paper. the instructions are in the file. For those interested you can also download the source file for the bookmarks.

Note that making the bookmarks involves some cutting. Make sure you get adult supervision if you need it before grabbing the scissors.

UK, Europe and others Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular) Download
US Letter PDF
Primarily USA. Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular) Download
Source file for the bookmarks. Requires SVG editing software (e.g. Inkscape). Download

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