Ideas for Sugar the Robot

So you’ve read the story.

You did read it didn’t you? If not you can download an ebook for free or buy a paperback/kindle version now.

Anyway if you have read it you might want to know what happens next. I have some ideas about what happens next but what about you?

Images from the book Do you have an idea about Tim, Sugar & Priya? What do you think happens to the aliens? If you do have a short story or an idea about one based on this book I’d love to hear it and share it on here with other readers. Who knows your idea could become the next book about Sugar the Robot!

Send your story idea in.



As well as the book and images you can also download, colour and print your own Sugar the Robot bookmarks. Simply download the file that suits your printer paper. the instructions are in the file. For those interested you can also download the source file for the bookmarks.

Note that making the bookmarks involves some cutting. Make sure you get adult supervision if you need it before grabbing the scissors.

UK, Europe and others Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular) Download
US Letter PDF
Primarily USA. Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular) Download
Source file for the bookmarks. Requires SVG editing software (e.g. Inkscape). Download

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