Buy Do not feed the troll!

Buy Do not feed the Troll!

Image of the bookWhy would you want to buy Do not feed the Troll when you can download it free? Because books, physical ones you can hold in your hands and flick back and forth, are cool and important. Despite the rise of ebooks a physical book still has some advantages:  you can lend it to who you want, you can take it anywhere, it never runs out of battery and you can chuck it the bottom of your school bag and it won’t break as easily.

What you can’t do though is download or easily make a copy of a paperback. I know that some people prefer real books and so as well as the ebook versions I also make my books available as paperbacks and on Kindle. I know Kindle is a ebook format and in theory I could provide a kindle edition here for free but to me that defeats the purpose most people get a Kindle for – to simply add books to their reader.

I’ve not listed prices here because that will vary depending upon your location and currency. Just click one of the links. You’ll soon be able to get this book through iTunes, Nook and other eBook services. Watch this space.

Kindle, iTunes, Nook et al.

You can also get the eBook delivered to your Kindle, Nook or through iTunes. Just search for “Do not feed the Troll”. Prices will vary depending on device and delivery agent but I’ve tried to keep them in the same range where I have discretion. For example you can find the Kindle edition here.


Even though the eBook is free, generous people often want to repay me somehow. I’m not really interested in donations but if you do want to do something on my behalf you could donate a copy to a local school or library. Books are vital to education and development and many people’s first encounter with them is often at School or through a public library. Sadly, acquiring new titles can quickly eat into a school/library budget. So I thought why not donate a copy of this book to a school or library instead of making a donation to me?If you enjoyed the eBook and would like to donate a copy to a library or school please go ahead and do so. If you are stuck for which school or library to donate to then why not check here for suggestions of where to donate to.

Similarly if you are a teacher or librarian and would like somebody to donate a copy then send me an eMail so I can your details to this page.You can then simply order the book from the POD Shop or through Amazon and put the school or library down as the delivery address. Alternatively, order it to be sent to you and hand deliver it for that personal touch. Don’t forget to ask them before you donate though.  If you order through the POD shop then any discount codes can also be applied.

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