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Crimperbooks is about sharing.

One of the most important things at Crimperbooks is sharing. Stories – the heart of a good novel – are shared experiences. For centuries humans have shared our experiences through them and shared the stories themselves.

Many of our most loved stories – particularly childhood ones – have been passed down over the generations. Another way to put that is they have been shared. Printed books changed that. Where stories were once shared, suddenly they were restricted. When ebooks came along a lot of publishers tried to carry on doing things the way they did with printed books – by restricting what you could do with them. Printed books usually come with a list of things you are not allowed to do with them – like copy them, lend them to people (no really, go check the copyright notices) and share them. Crimperbooks are different! 

Books often come with a list of things you are not allowed to do with them. Crimperbooks are different!

All our books and stories are licensed under Creative Commons which means you are free to copy and share them.

With the stories you find here, you are not only allowed but encouraged to:

  • download them for free
  • give copies to your friends
  • change them – yes change the stories

All I ask is that you:

  • make sure you say where you got them from
  • share any new stuff you make from them under the same terms

The full licence can be found here

If you are wondering how I make any money then have a look at this article I wrote about it. There’s also one on why I give my stuff away for free.

Right. now stop reading this boring stuff and go download some of the books and stories to share…. unless you want to share your drawings as well that is…see below.

Share your ideas and drawings too

I’d love for you to share your ideas and drawings about the books too. Maybe you’ve done a really cool drawing of a scene from one of my books or perhaps you have a superb idea for where the story could go next. Either way I’d love you to share it with me and the rest of the web through this website.

The rules

The only thing I ask is that

  • the drawing or idea is original and you have permission to share it
  • you are happy with us sharing it with other people through this site under the same sharing licence we use

If you are under 18 you must ask your parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf and agree to sharing your work here.

How to send it to us

It’s easy and takes two steps:

  1. eMail me and I’ll set up an account for you on this site as a contributor
  2. either create a post with your idea in it or upload a scan of your drawing and submit it
  3. alternatively you can eMail me your drawing with a nickname you want to appear next to it and I’ll upload it for you.

I’ll then check out your drawing/idea and publish it in the relevant book area. Note that while I am all for freedom this is a site children use and thus I reserve the right to not publish things I deem are inappropriate.

Stuff that people like to know

What format do you want the pictures in?
I prefer jpg or png but I can open pretty much any image format. Please don’t send it as document (e.g. Word/Powerpoint/ODT/PDF).
How big does it need to be?
Any size really. I’ll resize it when I put it on the website. The only real limit here is whether your eMail system lets you send something that big. I’d suggest keeping to under 10Mb will be best.
Can it be in colour?
Can it be from a comic or magazine?
Not unless you have explicit permission from the copyright holder to share it with everyone.
Can I send you a photo?
Yes it can but if it has people in it don’t forget it will be shared on a public website so make sure everyone in it is happy for it to be published here.
I have an idea for a future story
Brilliant! You can send that to us in the following formats: doc (Word), odt (OpenOffice), PDF, Plain text, even a scan of a hand-written copy is fine.
If I share my stuff here – who owns it?
You do. I don’t claim ownership or copyright on anything unless it is mine. The licence doesn’t mean you stop owning the work, just that you allow others to copy and share it
Can I publish my own sequel based on your story?
Certainly. If you use any of the stuff from my stories you will need to say you got it here and share it under the same licence. Even if you don’t use my words/pictures it would be nice if you could mention that your work is based on mine. That way your readers find my work and I’ll put a link to your work so people here can find it too.

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