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As you might guess from the name, Crimperbooks is all about books. Except it’s not – it’s really about stories but the books are traditionally how we pass stories around so it’s kind of about books too 😀

Each of the books listed below is available free to download in various eBook formats as well as available to buy in paperback and kindle formats.

The Roboteers

Roboteers logo

The Roboteers started as a club for two school friends, Tim & Priya, who liked anything to do with robots. When Tim’s toy robot, Sugar, came to life and escaped, the Roboteers became involved in an adventure to save the planet. Through the first and subsequent stories the Roboteers grew and became a detective agency with a secret weapon – a toy robot called Sugar. Each book is a new story and whilst they do take place after each other, each story is independent and can be read without reading earlier ones.  There are full-blown novels and short stories to read on the exciting, hilarious adventures of this group of mystery solvers.

Head over to the Roboteers page for full details >>

Short stories

From time to time I also publish short stories on this blog too. You can see a full list but here are a selected few.

Donate a copy to a school or library

Even though the eBook is free, generous people often want to repay me somehow. I’m not interested in donations really but if you do want to do something on my behalf you could donate a copy to a local school or library. Books are vital to education and development and many people’s first encounter with them is often at School or through a public library. Sadly, acquiring new titles can quickly eat into a school/library budget. So we thought why not donate a copyof this book to a school or library instead of making a donation to me.

One way to do this would be to buy a copy and deliver it yourself (check with them first). Alternatively you could order a copy and have it delivered direct to the school or library (again check with them first). Finally you could pick a school or library from below and order a copy from Amazon to be sent to them. If you do donate a book and you let me know we’ll post details here by way of thanks. If you are a teacher or librarian and would love to receive a donated copy you can also eMail me with your name, address and I’ll post details of your request here so somebody can donate a copy to you.

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